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Enjoy these videos of performances, glimpses into our teachers’ classes, and other special events around town. To see more videos of classes, check out our YouTube channel!

Contemporary Hip-Hop Fusion Performance (Student Showcase) – 11/22/14

Francine Ott’s students perform “Untitled.” 

Afro-Soca Performance (Student Showcase) – 11/22/14

Careitha Davis and her students perform “We Comin’.”

Dancehall Performance (Student Showcase) – 11/22/14

Yaminah Legohn and her students perform “Another Day of Dancehall.”

Afro-Cuban Performance (Student Showcase) – 11/22/14

Tony Domenech and his students perform “The son of Obatala”/”El hijo De Obatala.”

Afro-Latin Movement Performance (Student Showcase) – 11/22/14

Lori Ana Perez-Piazza and her students perform “que se sepa.”

Congolese Performance (Student Showcase) – 11/22/14

Funmilayo and her students perform “Yembela” (Harvest).

Hip-Hop Performance (Student Showcase) – 11/22/14

Ray F. Davis and his students perform “Diamonds.”

Mbira Performance (Student Showcase) – 11/22/14

Nora Balaban and her students perform “Mukaitiende” and “Nhemamusasa.”

Samba Performance (Student Showcase) – 11/22/14

Danielle Lima and her students perform “Colors of the Samba.”

“FORCES: Expressions of the Universal Spirit” Performance at Cumbe – 3/30/13

The culminating performance by students in Baba Richard Gonzalez’s second “Meet the Artist” Performance and Choreography Workshop with guest choreographer Winston Benons, Jr.

“Mixed Flavas!” Performance at Cumbe – 11/17/12

The culminating performance by students in Baba Richard Gonzalez’s first “Meet the Artists” Performance and Choreography Workshop. A purée of traditional and contemporary works-in-progress choreographed by Baba Richard Gonzalez and guest choreographers Kelly White-Burrell and Mara Rivera.

Papa Sy performs “Kanassu” (Performance Showcase) – 12/1/12

Papa Sy, member of dance company Mussukeba Sane, performs “Kanassu” at Cumbe’s first Performance Showcase. He teaches Contemporary West African dance every Wednesday from 12:00-1:00pm

Young Ambition Dance Company performs “Elube Shango” & Tony Domenech dances Elegua (Performance Showcase) – 12/1/12

Young Ambition Dance Company (a youth dance team taught by Tony Domenech) performs “Elube Shango,” and Tony Domenech dances the Orisha of Elegua at Cumbe’s first Performance Showcase. Tony teaches Introduction to Orishas (Afro-Cuban dance) every Friday from 6:00-7:30pm.

Salsa Students perform “Rumba y Mambo” (Performance Showcase) – 12/1/12

Cynthia “La China” and Hector “El Guajiro” Pena’s salsa students perform “Rumba y Mambo” at Cumbe’s first Performance Showcase.

Julio Jean and Afro-Haitian students perform “Dessalines” (Performance Showcase) – 12/1/12

Julio Jean and his students perform “Dessalines” at Cumbe’s first Performance Showcase. Julio teaches Afro-Haitian dance every Saturday from 12:30-2:00pm.

Silva Dance Company performs “Elements” (Performance Showcase) – 12/1/12

Silva Dance Company (founded by Janete Silva and Leandro Silva) performs “Elements” at Cumbe’s first Performance Showcase on Dec. 1, 2012. Janete Silva teaches Afro-Brazilian/Samba on Wednesdays from 6:30-8:00pm, and Leandro Silva teaches Silva Technique (Brazilian Fusion) on Saturdays from 3:00-4:30pm.