Thursday, Sept. 12



Come study, discover and learn the rhythms and some of the rare dances that make up traditional Haitian Dance. Master dancer and instructor Lionel St. Surin will show students how to nurture the conversation that exists between dancers and drummers when dancing Haitian Dance. Learn how to articulate both the feminine and masculine aspects of Haitian dance movements, while contextualizing the dances within Haitian folklore.

Lionel St. Surin, a master dancer, instructor, historian and choreographer, began performing worldwide with the renowned La Troupe Nationale d’Haiti (1974-1982), while simultaneously, the illustrious Viviane Gauthier recruited him to perform, instruct and choreograph for her company. After moving to New York City in 1982, he began dancing with  Ibo Dancers and later with Troupe Konbit as a dancer, instructor and choreographer.. From 1986-1990, he performed/choreographed with La Troupe Makandal, including an appearance on The Phil Donahue Show. He began teaching classes in 1988 at New Dance Group Studios followed by Lezly’s Dance and Skate School, Fareta’s, Djoniba Dance and Drum Center and Cumbe. Currently, Lionel teaches at Gran Chimen Cultural Center.  

In 1990, Lionel formed his own dance company, Troupe NegBhatalah, which continues performing and conducting workshops, including ArtsConnection and YAFFA Cultural Arts. Lionel’s passion remains sharing traditional Haitian folklore worldwide. 

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