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Celebrate PRIDE! with an afternoon of love, happiness and Afro-Cuban dance led by the vibrant and colorful Tony Domenech.  This special two-hour workshop will focus on the central home of the body, the core. Movements will emphasize the articulation of the torso and waistline to dances and rhythms from the Yesa, a cabildo (ethnic association) formed in Cuba by Africans from Iyesa, a subgroup of the Yoruba people of Nigeria. Like other Yorubans, Yesa dances celebrate the Orishas, deities in the Yoruba religion who are guardians over different aspects of life (sweetness, water, thunder, motherhood, crossroads, health, etc.) This workshop is dedicated to celebrating the diversity within Orisha culture and recognizing the power of PRIDE! 

As a priest of Yemaya in the Santeria religion, instructor Tony Domenech is frequently called upon to dance for Yemaya. Tony began singing, dancing, and acting in school performances at an early age and was involved with various off-Broadway theater companies such as TADA and AMAS, which brought him to start freelancing as a dancer and singer for community and social events. He dances mambo with the Young Ambition Dance Company, and studied Afro-Cuban folkloric dance with Xiomara Rodriguez, Rita Macias and the late great Pupy Insua. One of Tony’s notable performances was dancing on stage as Shango with the great Latin Jazz artist, Bobby Sanabria. Tony is also co-director of SalsAshé, which combines Afro Cuban dance and Salsa. The dance group has presented work at the NJ and NY Salsa Congresses for the last nine years.