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Join us for an exclusive dance workshop with visiting guest artist Mehdi Nassouli from Morocco. In this rare opportunity, students will learn movement combinations of a musical and spiritual tradition called Tgnaouit, popularly known as Gnawa. The Gnawa people are descendants of enslaved Africans who assimilated in what is modern-day Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. This tradition is known for its sacred healing and trance-inducing power.

Mehdi Nassouli from Taroudant, Morocco is a master musician and specialist of the Hajouj – the bass lute used in Gnawa tradition. Born into a rich cultural landscape and raised with the wisdom of Maalems (masters), Mehdi is now one of the world’s renowned Gnawa musicians. He is versed in traditional and fusion styles and tours the globe collaborating with the likes of Titi Robin, Benjamin Taubkin, Neeka, Sami Waro, Andy Emler, Hindi Zahra, Justin Adams, Omar Sosa and Alpha Blondy.