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Join us at Cumbe for a special Mother’s Day dance experience of North Africa’s traditional dances, Moroccan Chaabi. Chaabi means ‘of people’ and represents the spirit of the people, especially women. This celebratory dance has elements of both West African and Arabic dance and is commonly practiced in inter-generational spaces as a conversation’ between women. A true embodiment of North African femininity, Chaabi is body-positive, high-energy and is a frenzy of fun.  Join us solo, with your mother, daughter, sister, neighbor or friend and let’s build community through dance!

Acknowledged as a talented dancer within her cultural community at 13 years old, Esraa Warda is now one of the premier North African performance and teaching artists based in New York City. Esraa is of Algerian origin and professionally teaches and performs Algerian/Moroccan styles such as Chaabi, Rai, Chaoui, Kabyle and Reggada/Allaoui in NYC and around the world. Her teaching methods are now focused on reproducing the same context in which she learned – through ‘transmission’ via muscle memory within women’s dance circles and jams. Despite being on the African continent, Moroccan and Algerian dances are often disconnected and lumped into Middle Eastern/Arab culture. Esraa aims to pioneer the representation of these dances as African in the cultural landscape both institutionally and informally.