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Souleymane Sana will teach traditional movements and dances to the djembe rhythms of the Mande people of Mali, West Africa.

This highly sought after leader among artists has dedicated his life to the preservation of traditional dance, music and culture; researching constantly and teaching throughout the world. Catch this master before he returns home to Bamako, Mali!

About Souleyman Sana:

Souleyman Solo Sana is an accomplished traditional dancer from Mali, West Africa. Dedicated to the preservation of Mali’s dance, music and culture, Solo is continuously researching to maintain an accurate representation and disbursement of the cultural information, movement and rhythm. A principal member of one of the premiere companies of Mali, Ballet Du District de Bamako, he has proven himself as a leader among artists. Solo’s presence at local ceremonies and festivals is in high demand. He has performed with renown griots, musicians, and  internationally known artists such as Djeneba Seck and Oumou Sangare. His extensive knowledge of traditional dances of the Mande culture is highly sought for private and group lessons. Solo has taught students from France, Italy, U.S., Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Morocco, and numerous African countries. Most notably, he has instructed internationally acclaimed dancers from the United States including university instructors and Broadway performers.   He is currently in the U.S. performing, teaching workshops and leading school residencies for Jeh Kulu Dance and Drum Theater, as well as independently. He was recently an instructor at the University of Vermont, a commissioned choreographer for Maimouna Keita African Dance company in New York, and a featured Artist in Residence at UNC-Greensboro where he created original choreography for Robin Gee’s Sugarfoote Productions.