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Come join Manuel Kanza, straight from Angola, for this special Kuduro immersion! Kuduro was invented by Toni Amado, an Angolan artist, after he witnessed the talent of Jean Claud Van Damme in the movie Kickboxer. Inspired by the martial artist’s abilities, Toni Amado imitated his moves, eventually creating one of first movements, kuduro, which means hard ass. The dance was popularized after the song “Danza Kuduro” was featured in the latest Fast and Furious movie. Invented in Angola, Kuduro, has spread worldwide, especially within the Zumba community as it is very effective for weight loss.   In the workshop you will start with a full stretch to prepare the body then move to learning the names and technique of Kuduro steps. Once students gain momentum and the energy is high, the class will finish with an explosive piece of choreography. 

Instructor Bio:  Manuel Kanza has been making his mark in Angola since 2008 when he won the hit TV competition, “Bounce,” which scouts top dance talent from all over Angola. This honor earned him an apprenticeship in Portugal at the country’s top dance studio with one of the country’s leading dance crews. Last year after being featured as a choreographer on “Bounce´s” third season, Semba awarded him a scholarship to further his study of dance in Brazil at the prestigious Angel Vianna Dance University and train at the famous Debrah Colker Dance Company Movement Center. Kanza has choreographed for a Guinness Africa commercial alongside director Kibwe Tavares. He has toured from Sweden to France with the Os Kuduristas project , choreographed at South America’s largest dance event, RIOH2K, choreographed for films and created the dictionary of Kuduro A-Z movements. He participated in Coréon Du music video and taught at the University of Angel Viana Rio de Janeiro.He was  nominated one of Africa’s best dancers of 2017 by AFRIMMA.