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Join Eto’o Tsana for the high energy and uplifting movement of KongoBeat.

KongoBeat is a core-centered, hip rhythmic, culturally rich Kongolese Mbongi (Village) class that focuses on traditional and urban dance styles from the HEART of Africa: The Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Republic of the Congo. This experience encompasses the roots of the past to understand the present and the future through the sounds of traditional Ngoma’s (drums), Ndombolo, Soukouss, and fusion Congo-beats.

About Eto’o Tsana:

Eto’o Tsana is a Harlem native and Afro-Puerto Rican choreographer, dancer, singer, and dance educator. Ms. Tsana has traveled extensively throughout the United States, the Caribbean, Canada, France, the Republic of Congo, and the Democratic Republic of Congo collaborating, teaching, and performing professionally with renowned Kongolese artists.

Ms. Tsana is the Artistic Director of Mabina Danseuses Dance Company founded in 2011. The company focuses on the principles of Cultural Performance, Humanitarianism, and Anthropology from a Kongolese dance and cultural perspective. The company is a direct reflection of Ms. Tsana’s deep rooted studies, travel experiences, diverse dance training, and multicultural origins. The company’s work  aims to challenge the complexities of ‘Our Being’ as displaced children of the Motherland. Ms. Tsana’s knowledge of individual and collective histories, her own self-exploration, and the intellectual and cultural exchanges she’s experienced make her the International Ambassadrice of traditional and urban Kongolese Dance.