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Sekou’s unique style of teaching House dance borrows from other disciplines like Hip Hop and Capoeira Angola and incorporates calisthenics to develop stamina and high-energy movement. Get ready for a House dance workout – you’ll work on foundational House footwork drills, quadrupedal movement (floor work using your arms and legs together) and movement combinations designed to help you evolve your style and internalize the spirit of House Dance.   

Open to all levels. Sekou’s method focuses on the development of stamina and high-energy movement. Powerhouse dance fuses basic calisthenic movements, *quadrupedal motion and high intensity cardio using House dance footwork drills and movement combinations. The system also borrows from a variety of dance disciplines that include Hip Hop and traditional Capoeira Angola. He teaches foundation drills designed to help the student evolve and internalize the spirit of House Dance.

Instructor Bio: Sekou’s experience in the House dance culture goes back to the late 80s. He gained knowledge of the culture dancing in clubs like The Tunnel, The World, The Original Sound Factory, Red Zone, Kilimanjaro’s, The Octagon, Base Line,The Choice, Shelter and legendary Club Zanzibar and Club 88. While Sekou is from Trenton, New Jersey he was compelled to travel back and forth to New York City to experience the club culture in its glory years. By 1989 Sekou made New York City his home. Over the years Sekou mentally cataloged a wide variety of dance styles, various genres of music and people from different social classes. Like many others that gathered, the common goal was to experience freedom of movement and a love of music.