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Come dance and unlock the mind, body and spirit connection in this African American dance form, created by icon Katherine Dunham, dance pioneer/anthropologist/social activist. Informed by the great traditional dances of the African Diaspora (West African, Haitian, Cuban, Brazilian, African American modern dance and more) Dunham Technique creates well-muscled, dynamic dancers with supple spines and well-articulated torsos. This class begins with deep, meditative breathing to center and synchronize the Mind/Body/Spirit connection and a Center Floor Standing or Seated-Floor warm-up.  Moving across the floor, students will explore the intersection of Dunham technique and high-spirited, folkloric-inspired dances from the African Diaspora, including ( Haiti, Cuba, Brasil, W. Africa, etc ) In the this mixed-level class, students are encouraged to work at their own level But everyone will get a joyous challenge. Don’t miss the chance to study with this Dunham Master Teacher Penny Godboldo, disciple of Katherine Dunham for over 20 years and former Director of the Institute for Dunham Technique Certification (2013-2018). DRESS TO SWEAT!  

About Penny Godboldo:  

Penny Godboldo is a dance artist and a teacher in the Katherine Dunham Technique. For the past five years, she has held the position of Co-Director of the Institute for Dunham Technique Certification. She is a 2018 Kresge Artist Fellow and an adjunct faculty member in the dance department at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Penny trained at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Center. She incorporates her pedagogy as teacher and her larger philosophical view that dance is life. It is a methodology developed through extensive research in dance history. Her work is informed by her travel to Haiti, Cuba, Benin, Brazil, Japan, China, England, Scotland and other countries, during her role as chair of the Marygrove College dance department for nearly two decades. Penny travels internationally, choreographing, leading workshops and educating students.