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Afropop Sabar is a fusion of  Afropop and Sabar dances, a creation first envisioned in 2014 by Papa Sengone Vieira and Bakary Fall in Dakar, Senegal. Afropop is a collection of contemporary, urban African diaspora dances that are generally slow paced. Sabar is a quick-paced urban dance that originates from Senegal, and is performed for baptisms, marriages and other traditional celebrations with special Sabar drums. This innovative combination of the two dances in Afropop Sabar sets Sabar dance to Afrobeat music. Come for some high-energy, rhythmic dancing and express yourself with your entire body!

Bakary Fall is a dancer and choreographer from Dakar, Senegal trained in traditional and contemporary West African, Capoeira and urban dances. He teaches African dance styles like Sabar, Kutiro, Serer and AfroPop to all ages. Bakary launched his career at the Third World Festival of Black Arts, which was originally established by Leopold Sedar Senghor. Throughout Bakary’s career, he has studied under Germaine and Patrick Acogny, Joe Bou Sange, Idy Kante and Papa Sangone Vieira. His work has been featured in several documentaries and music videos, including works with Angelique Kidjo and Youssou N’dour. Bakary founded the annual Yoon ak Yeen festival in 2014 that is recognized throughout West Africa for uniting artists, experimenting with the fusion of contemporary and traditional dance. With his art, he has performed throughout Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Senegal and the United States.