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Join this dynamic duo as they take you on an energetic journey across African dance floors! Nado will introduce you to today’s most popular Afro club music hits and Afrobeat dances from the Ivory Coast, Congo, Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa. Manuel Kanza will take you higher with Afro House Dance Angola which includes 60 percent traditional dance (from a variation of tribal dances) from Angola and 40 percent Kuduro (a contemporary Angola club dance). Come experience this lively blend of beats alongside traditional and contemporary movement with two African club dance powerhouses.

Instructor bios:

Manuel Kanza has been making his mark in Angola since 2008 when he won the hit TV competition, “Bounce,” which scouts top dance talent from all over Angola. This honor earned him an apprenticeship in Portugal at the country’s top dance studio with one of the nation’s leading dance crews. Kanza was awarded a scholarship to further his study of dance in Brazil at the prestigious Angel Vianna Dance University and train at the famous Debrah Colker Dance Company Movement Center. Kanza has choreographed for a Guinness Africa commercial alongside director Kibwe Tavares. He has toured from Sweden to France with the Os Kuduristas project, choreographed at South America’s largest dance event, RIOH2K, choreographed for films and created the dictionary of Kuduro A-Z movements. He participated in Coréon Du music video and taught at the University of Angel Viana Rio de Janeiro. He was also nominated one of Africa’s best dancers of 2017 by AFRIMMA.

Nadege “Nado” Jackson is from the Ivory Coast, grew up in France and has been an African dancer for more than 15 years. Her love of African music and dance inspired her to learn Modern, Jazz, Hip Hop, Salsa, Samba, Soukouss, N’dombolo, Zouglou and traditional dances from the Ivory Coast like Gbegbe, Té Maté, Kaoka and Zaouli. She was the lead dancer of the Afro-Caribbean dance group NASSUCO, and has performed various dance styles at music festivals and in stadiums. She has choreographed and danced for various popular African and Caribbean musicians including Awilo Logomba, Sekouba Bambino, Barbara Kanam, Sakis and Orlus Mabele. She has performed and toured in more than 14 countries as well.