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Dance for the Orixas of Brazil to the rhythms of Candomble — Ijexa, Ilu, Aluja, Barravento, and more — with special guest teacher Cleonice Fonseca. Don’t miss this distinct style of folkloric dance learned from Fonseca’s mentors in Bahia, Brazil: Nildinha Fonseca, Jose Ricardo, and Raimundo King.

About Cleonice Fonseca:

Cleonice Fonseca, a Brazilian from Salvador-Bahia, began her career in projects and shows produced by the dance group of the Colégio Central da Bahia. She learned her first African dance techniques, folk, religious dances (orixás) and African contemporary with renowned teachers such as Raimundo Tição, Raimundo King, Raimunda Sena, Tania Bishop, Nildinha Fonseca and José Ricardo Santos.

Fonseca was a member of SESC Dance Group for ten years where she participated in several shows produced for the promotion of African dance and Brazilian folklore. These shows also traveled to other cities in Brazil and to Santiago, Chile as the first international trip for cultural exchange.

As a dancer, she participated in other projects, dance groups and musical bands such as Banda Motumba, Dia e Noite (the state government project), Lagobada Group, Artists Meeting project (acting in the area of production). She also participated in African dance workshops conducted by the Bale Folklorico da Bahia and African dance by Professor Oshuntiye Brown (USA).

Since June 2014, Fonseca has been living in Philadelphia where she teaches weekly Afro Brazilian dance workshops in collaboration with Mamadêlê Productions and Ascab Capoeira. She also performs with Ologunde and Alo Brazil and teaches at an arts education program in South Philly coordinated by educator Howard Tucker.