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This Afro-Haitian workshop focuses on the history/spirituality/culture of Ayiti (Haiti) through dance.

“Kilti Guinen” (in Haitian Creole) is our Haitian memory of the cultures of our Indigenous and African ancestors. These cultures have been orally transmitted to the initiated and include historical and artistic elements that tell our story as people of “Afrik – Ayiti” (Africa-Haiti). We will start the workshop by warming up our bodies, our voices, building a community vibe and finally dancing together to the sounds of live music. The last few minutes of this two-hour masterclass will serve as Q&A on the subject : “the -Haitian Vodou- Perspective of our world”.

This class will include song, dance, and philosophy rooted in Haitian tradition / Haitian Vodou.

Jean-Sebastien Duvilaire (Babbas) is a Haitian artist and Houngan who strongly believes in the use of the performing arts to trigger social change. He has trained in African and Afro-Haitian techniques, as well as classical ballet, modern and contemporary dance. He has worked with many artists internationally, and travels to teach, choreograph and collaborate with artists throughout the U.S., Caribbean and West Africa. Babbas is the founder of the AfrikAyiti Project, and his work focuses on promoting Africa and Haiti by sharing his culture wherever he teaches or performs. He recently moved to Boston, where he presents series of dance classes, lectures and performances.

Babbas also runs a small cacao processing company in Haiti called Tahomey. His commitment to cultural sustainability is mirrored in his work with this company, which employs and networks small-scale cacao farmers in rural Haiti.