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Engaging Cultural Arts Programming for Students of All Ages

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Our dance and drum performances, workshops, and residencies are led by dynamic performers and teaching artists with expertise in the cultures of Africa and places it influenced (such as the Caribbean, South America, and United States). On stage, in the classroom, or in the community, we are dedicated to sharing and celebrating the unique contributions of African-rooted cultures and their connections with other cultures.

Cumbe programs are aligned with Common Core standards in arts, physical education, and social studies.

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Watching master dancers pull out all the stops and perform at the highest levels of their ability – accompanied by rousing live drumming – is a full sensory experience that awakens the imagination. Cumbe dance and drum performances boost the energy level in any room, and instill an appreciation for artistic expression and the power of live performance.

Performances are ideal for assemblies, graduation ceremonies, fundraisers and galas, and can be tailored to enhance any special event.

INTERACTIVE WORKSHOPS (Dance, Drum, or both)

Dance and drum workshops are especially fun ways to expand students’ art and physical education. Popular workshops include West African dance or drum, Hip Hop, and creative movement. Our teaching artists can lead workshops for students with any level of experience.

Workshops usually range from 35 to 90 minutes.

Live percussion accompaniment for dance workshops can be added for a more immersive experience.

(Dance, Drum, or both)

A great way to inspire individual artistic expression, our teaching artists start off with a short performance before leading a class. Along with teaching dance or drum technique, they share the history and meaning behind the dance movements and drum rhythms.

Bring Cumbe Artists to Your Classroom

RESIDENCIES (Dance, Drum, or both)

Residencies are an ideal way to build a foundation in dance or drum technique. In school, after school or in community settings, weekly classes increase proficiency as well as movement and musical vocabulary.

Residencies are usually 4, 8, or 16 weeks, and each class can be 35-90 minutes long.

Popular residency themes include:

Traditions (K-12)

Learn about culture and history through the lens of movement and music. Explore traditional and contemporary dance forms from a variety of cultures, including:

  • West Africa (Guinea, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Mali, Senegal)
  • Central Africa (Congo)
  • Southern Africa (Zimbabwe, Madagascar)
  • Caribbean (Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico)
  • South America (Brazil, Colombia)
  • Central America (Garifuna culture)
  • North America (America)

Good Boogie (K-12)

A journey from the origins of hip hop through its evolution and influences. Through an engaging combination of dance and dialogue, students learn the moves and the fascinating history behind them.

Uhuru (pre-K to 2nd grade)

Uhuru (the Kiswahili word for “freedom”) is a series of creative movement classes featuring a combination of song, dance, and play. Designed by Early Childhood educator Jamie Philbert, Uhuru nurtures freedom of expression and helps build a foundation for a life-long creative practice.

Drum (K-12)

Explore the drum – the heartbeat of African-rooted music – through rhythms and songs from West Africa, the Caribbean, and South America The djembe, conga, or snare will take students on a musical journey.

Bring Cumbe Artists to Your Classroom

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