Sunday, Oct. 6



Join Cumbe as we welcome the founder of the Garifuna Heritage Center for Arts and Culture, Luz Soliz, for an exciting workshop introducing the rich Garifuna culture through dance and live drumming. Garifuna culture has a background of West African and Arawak roots which provides a refreshing, exciting and colorful experience. Dancers of all levels are welcomed to learn how to move the hips (a lot), arms, head and feet to the Garifuna drums. Garifuna people originated from the Island of St. Vincent and still practice their culture today in Central America (Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Belize) and now it is time to bring it to you, here in Brooklyn! The class begins with a warm-up to get your muscles loose and body ready for a workout to modern Garifuna music. Then students will be given a brief explanation of the traditional meanings behind the dances just before learning some simple and fun call and response songs in Garifuna. The workshop continues with a break down of the steps. Lastly, you’ll dance to live traditional Garifuna drums across the floor.

Luz Soliz is the founder of Garifuna Heritage Center for the Arts and Culture Inc. and Artistic Director of Wabafu Garifuna Dance Theatre (previously known as Hamalali Wayunagu Garifuna Dance Company). The dance company was established in 1992 in The Bronx, NY to preserve the Garifuna culture through, dance, music, song, drama, poetry and more. She holds a master’s degree in dance education from Teachers College, Columbia University. Between her college education and training from various dance instructors, her mission is to continue presenting, sharing and preserving Garifuna culture through the performing arts.

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