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Project Description

Yaminah Legohn

Yaminah Legohn, a passionate and dedicated choreographer, professional dancer, and performer of West African, dancehall/reggae, hip hop, jazz and modern dance styles.

She lives in New York City and holds a degree from San Francisco State University in Speech Communications and Dance, with an emphasis in choreography. Before moving to New York, Legohn worked in Los Angeles as a choreographer and professional dancer with artists such as Shakira, N.E.R.D, Tony Toni Tone, Lil Wayne, and B.o.B. along with appearances on TV shows. Legohn has shown work in the Black Choreography Festival in the Bay Area, American College Dance Festival, SoulNation Festival in Indonesia, Choreographer’s Ball “Carnival” in Hollywood and New York, World of Dance, San Francisco International Hip Hop Festival, and RAW Artists in Los Angeles and New York. Simply put, she lives to spread her love and passion for the arts.

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