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Project Description

Courtney Thompson

Courtney is a lover of the African Diaspora. Expressing her African Roots through art, especially dance is part of her fabric. She began training at the age of 4 in various styles of classical dance including Tap, Ballet, Jazz and in her later years expanded to the styles of Step, Hip Hop and Reggae. Since her favorite style is the derivative of them all, African Dance, she has been developing her study of African Dance through various modern and traditional styles and genres for the
last two years. It was at her alma mater, Howard University, where she discovered her love for African Dance by joining Omoge,one of the most revered touring African dance troupes in the DMV. Courtney performed with this high energy group of dancers all across the East Coast and even opened for The Nigerian Entertainment Awards in 2009. After college, Courtney fully focused on her holistic health, aiming for major fitness goals by changing her diet through veganism and increasing her exercise regime to dance away excess weight and stress. Her fitness journey allowed her to lose a total of 70 pounds. Trained by the
founder of this vibrational dance fitness style and since becoming a certified KUKUWA® instructor, Courtney aims to motivate others to find the enjoyment, empowerment and lifelong benefits of fitness and wellness through dance and is always so excited to share her passion of African Dance with everyone!