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Book Cumbe Artists for Your Engagement

Infuse your event with the energy of live African and diaspora dance and music!

Our performers specialize in traditional and contemporary dances and music from West Africa, Brazil, Cuba, the Caribbean, and more, and often use live percussionists.

Bring Cumbe Artists to Your Community


  • Make jumping the broom extra special with performances that welcome and entertain guests
  • Break the ice with a fun dance lesson
  • Bring a rousing dance performance to your birthday or party


  • Celebrate a country’s heritage with a traditional performance
  • Up the fun quotient with a dance workshop & get people grooving


  • Energize your team-building event with an interactive dance/music workshop
  • Help staff refocus and reenergize with lunch-time dance classes
Bring Cumbe Artists to Your Community

Contact us with questions at or (718) 935-9700.

Here’s to making beautiful memories!