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October 16, 2014

We are actively pursuing several potential spaces for our new home, both in our current neighborhood and in other Brooklyn areas. Although we don’t know how quickly it will happen, we remain confident that we will find a new home for Cumbe.

Thank you again for all your support and we really look forward to seeing you in the studio over the next few weeks.

Get in touch with Jimena at (718) 935-9700 or

With appreciation, gratitude and blessings,

Cumbe Staff

June 21, 2014

Dear Cumbe Community,

We have some important information to share: Cumbe must leave its current space by December 10.  Our landlord is ending our lease early because they are selling the building – it will be demolished to make way for a residential tower.

This is tough news.  We have all worked hard to create a beautiful home in this space. We are determined to build on what we’ve created and we WILL find another home for Cumbe!  We are searching for space now.

We need your ideas, your spirit and your help:

  • Do you have any leads or ideas about new or interim space for Cumbe?  We’re open to creative ideas.
  • Keep coming to classes!  Let’s keep our hearts full and Cumbe vibrant while we tackle this new challenge!

Here’s what to expect:  we will be open for business as usual with our full schedule of classes until Thanksgiving week.  We’re working hard to find new space and we will keep this page updated with any developments, so please stay tuned.

Together, we’ve accomplished a ton in just 2 ½ years.  Every day, Cumbe is filled with young people and adults learning, exploring connections between, and getting fit with the dances and rhythms of Africa, Cuba, Haiti, Brazil, Hip Hop, Salsa, Reggae and more.

We have created Cumbe with YOUR support and we thank you deeply.

While we’re still in a bit of shock, we are open to the opportunities that come from change and totally up for the challenge of finding our new home! Questions? Ideas? Expressions of support? Get in touch with Jimena at (718) 935-9700 or

With appreciation, gratitude and blessings,

Pat Hall, Artistic Director, Dominique Bravo and Jimena Martinez, Co-Directors

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